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  • Driven. by Chandalae Lanouette
  • Driven. by Chandalae Lanouette

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Driven. is a new fitness concept developed by Chandalae Lanouette. Directly characterized by it’s name, this class is driven by beat, emotion, cardio, and strength. It fuses rhythmic cardio and dynamic mat based toning sequences, by utilizing ankle weights, bands and other props to target core, arms, glutes and legs. Its repetitive, progressive, and choreographed upper body/arm sequences, with 3 lbs weights and wrist weights, aim to work the muscular structure of the full upper body. 

Chandalae has an upbringing galvanized in dance and athletics. After high school she continued her experience as a member of the NC State dance team. Upon leaving Raleigh she spent 7 years as an assistant director at a studio in Winston-Salem, NC. During this time she cheered professionally for four years—with experiences such as performing at a Super Bowl, overseas military tours, and selection to the 2018 Pro Bowl. After hanging up the uniform, she relocated to CLT for new dreams. She currently resides in Noda and also works in entertainment for a local professional sports team.

Driven. is currently offered on Friday at 7 AM. 

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